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Proposal for veterinarians!

We are looking for veterinarians or veterinary clinics across the country, which are engaged or may engage microchipping animals. These vets are registered on our website and compiled in our vet database that allows owners of animals to find the nearest veterinary clinic, where they could chip their pet. So vets get our free online support.

Veterinarians should organizing microchipping animals and informing owners about the necessity of registration the animals at the site PetID.kz. Payment for chipping will be an additional source of revenue for the clinic.

Registered veterinarians can buy in our online store microchips and scanners at discount prices. This saves discounts depending on the amount of purchased goods. All microchips purchased from our store registered in our database for free.

The presence of the scanner in the clinic is very important and allows you to find the address of the owner of a lost animal, which can be installed using our search service.

Connecting the scanner to your computer, you can automate the record keeping of animal health.

Write to us, we are always happy to answer any questions regarding the electronic identification of domestic and farm animals.

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