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Proposal for breeders and club leadersand kennels!

Electronic animal identification is a prerequisite for serious work on the breeding of purebred animals. Without it is impossible to provide a thoroughbred breeding and prove the correctness of records on pedigree. Availability of registration in a national database of electronic identification can submit the registration record as proof of identity animal. It is a guarantee against substitution, used at border crossings, insurance, vet visits and record keeping of animal health.

For mass chipping animals we go to clubs, collected from 50 animals in one day. If you already have a club chipping animals, and you have a database of their owners, we will put your information into our database for a reduced price. Of course, the members of your club may register individually.

We supply the owners of clubs and nurseries microchips and scanners at discount prices. To get the discount you must be registered in our database of veterinarians. In this case, your information will be available to visitors of our site who are interested in chipping in your area. The presence of the scanner is useful for holding exhibitions and breeding in order to exact identification of the animal and preventing its replacement.

For chipping a large number of animals can instead buy syringes with disposable needles Implanter. This is a professional tool, easy to use microchips in a large number of animals.


Chipping is a simple procedure and will improve the image of your kennel, and, consequently, increase your competitiveness.

You can use this link to our site and get our free online support.

All microchips purchased from us registered in our database for free.

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