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Proposal to the zoo!

Chipping - is coming in time easy to use, painless and safe method of identification of animals that exist in the world for over twenty years. Chipping of wild and zoo animals is relatively not long ago, but most progressive and modern zoos are actively chipping their animals and make information about them in the database of electronic animal identification.
Microchipping, today, meets all the requirements of identification of animals - the impossibility of falsification, a guarantee preservation of numbers throughout the life of the animal, the impossibility of loss and fraud numbers, almost complete absence of pain and speed when performing the procedure.

Chipping allows zoos to obtain savings, which is:

• The lack of need for re-identification (for example, in the case of an ear tag);

• The exclusion of errors in the individual approach - care, feeding, etc.;

• The impossibility of substitution and theft of animals;

• keep a record for breeding and inbreeding control;

• To facilitate trade and exchange with other zoos;

• The formation of the collection and accessibility of information on developments in other zoos for breeding

The method of subcutaneous implantation of microchips used in all kinds of animals: from fish and reptiles to birds, large carnivores and ungulates.
Chipping allows zoos get the overall control of animals, especially in the case of pedigree animals, and clearly monitor the health of animals. Electronic tagging of animals provides an individual approach to each animal at the zoo. Recognizing animals, identified by microchip, we can effectively and quickly to select patients in need of treatment, consider the weight and productivity enable individualized diet and treatment, to ensure thoroughbred breeding.
Scanners chip specifically designed to work with wild animals and zoos are equipped with extension rod antenna, and easy to work in the cages. Collected their data quickly and easily transferred from the scanner into the computer.Connecting the scanner to the computer automates the management of animal health records in electronic form, facilitates and organizes records in veterinary medicine.

In order to apply in your zoo advanced identification technology, to develop and create a local database for individual control and accounting, as well as register your animals in our database of electronic identification, you need to contact us and get all the information about the equipment that you need to work. In the case of purchase of microchips in our store details about your animal will be placed in our database for free.
To work with us and receive discounts in our store, you will need to register in our database of veterinarians.

Zoos are invited to actively use microchips in practice!

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