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To owners of domestic and exotic animals!

The microchip is the "electronic passport" confirming the uniqueness of your pet and allows you to accurately identify it. Chipping of dogs and cats is very simple and necessary procedure. Along with common domestic animals, many people now keep exotic animals as pets - ferrets, skunks, rabbits, parrots, exotic birds, snakes, fish and other representatives of domesticated animals. These animals need to be chipping in order to avoid loss, theft or substitution of a beautiful and no doubt expensive representative of the animal world. Also chipping Exotic animals are regulated by the rules of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Endangered CITES, according to which the number of chips needed for the registration permit for the maintenance, removal or importation of exotic animals.

We are doing everything we can to process electronic identification of animals was a simple, available and effective.

Deciding chipping your pet, you should take the following steps:

  1. Consult your local veterinarian involved in microchipping animals. To find it you can use our service search veterinarian.
  2. Register the microchip in our database, using service registration of microchip.

If you cannot find a vet that works with you, buy a microchip in our online store and chipping animals by yourself! All the instructions you receive by reading the relevant sections of our site. On the remaining issues we will respond individually.

In insurance, crossing the border, visiting the vet, Lost and Found animals, and in all situations that require the identification of your animal, use the service search the ownerof the microchip. The information contained in the first national database electronic identification of animals of the Republic of Kazakhstan, available around the clock online access, and allows you to confirm your ownership rights, thus protecting your pets from the substitution.

We supply microchips imported from Europe and the USA, suitable for both dogs and cats, and all exotic animals, including birds, fish and reptiles, and guaranteed universal scanners read all over the world.

Purchased in our online store microchips are registered free in our database.

If you have lost your pet, please contact us or fill in the data of the lost animal in the animal section of lost animals. Our system will immediately transmit the information to the veterinary clinic, equipped with scanners and to animals control station. Once an animal is found, you will be contacted immediately.

Microchips can also be useful if you live in a private home and your animals walk on their own. There are devices that use microchips for identification of animals.For example, a door with built-in scanner, leaking into the house only to their cats or dogs!

Give your pets the electronic passport!

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